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Project Hello aims to build awareness of the world’s growing homeless problem. To create discussion and a platform for solutions. To give homeless individuals a name, and in the process, encourage others to treat them with dignity, respect, and compassion. To use our mass communication and problem-solving skills for the forces of good. And to inspire and assist others in creating more selfless, random acts of kindness.

Project Hello is not a registered charity for financial complications provided by our lawyer. However, Project Hello is not for profit. Currently, the only part of the project that could conceivably generate any money is the proposed book. If giving the book away is not possible and a profit is generated, a foundation will be created to help facilitate other random acts of kindness such as this one.

Our goal is to only ask for donations in the form of time, talent, materials, and resources. But because of the fact that we are not a registered charity, getting the materials we need for the book and traveling photo exhibition, namely $9K worth of printing, ink, and paper, is extremely difficult. For those of you who would like to make a monetary donation, we’ve made it possible through PayPal.

In an effort to ensure that everyone is involved for the right reasons, no logos or overt sponsorships are allowed.